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In each tower A and B there are four elevators and in each towers B and C there are three elevators. Do you live in a high residential apartment with no elevators and you are searching for an apartment with elevators? Search no more the Sea Residences gives you the chance of using the elevators to access your home with ease. Also, the elevators play a great role in helping you move your heavy luggage all the way up to your house instead of hiring people to do the job for you. The presence of the elevators plays a great role in minimizing commotion within the complex as well as make it easy for the disabled to reach their homes with ease.

Everyone would love to stay in an area with assured fire protection. That is why the Sea Residences’ project management team worked hard to install the automated fire detection and alarm systems in strategic locations in the complex. Hence, the residents worry less of any fire outbreak since the fire automatic fire detectors act faster in settling down the fire at its early stages. Hence, the homeowners’ properties are safe from any fire outbreak. Also, the residents feel secure due to the presence of the alarm system. In the case of any unauthorized person getting into one of the resident’s home, the alarm system will alarm the authorities as well as the homeowner.

Are you searching for a residence with a 24-hour electric power supply? Search no more! The Sea Residences offers you an opportunity of enjoying a 24-hour electric power supply due to the presence of the standby generators that are set in the common area and the select unit outlet. In the case of electric power loss, the standby generators play a great role in backing up power in all the condo units. The standby generators are properly maintained as well as regularly fueled by the Sea Residences’ project management team. Hence, all the homeowners worry less about the electric power loss problem. A 24-hour power supply is advantageous since the residents’ electrical appliances will always perform their task at any time of the day. Do not waste this chance! Purchase one of the condo units at the Sea Residence and get to enjoy a 24-hour power supply.

The Sea Residences consist of a centralized cistern tank. Hence, all the condo unit get enough water supply. And the rain water that falls into the cistern tank is first treated before it is supplied to the condo units. The apartment has adequate water supply. Hence, the homeowners worry less about any water problems. One can do laundry in the house, wash his or her car and the water will still run. The Sea Residences gives its residents the chance of enjoying a 24-hour water supply. Why should you continue to live in a place with no plenty water supply? Book a condo unit at the Sea Residence and do away with the problem of water supply in your home. The area has a sewerage treatment plant which plays a great role in making the environment clean.

Special Amenities at The Sea Residences

The Sea Residence is just the best place to live. The area is characterized by its five-star amenities that make you feel like it’s a holiday even on the normal day. The available amenities play a great role in upgrading the lifestyle of the homeowners in one way or the other. All the amenities are just a few steps from the condo units and are properly managed by the project management team.

The complex has a multi-purpose room which can be used as a function room or a clubhouse. The room is properly designed in such a way that it can be easily transformed to serve a particular purpose. All the residents are offered the chance of holding their various functions in the multi-purpose room. The different functions include birthdays, parties, meetings, anniversaries and much more. In case a resident wants to hold something like a birthday party, the project management team help in modifying the room according to the resident’s desires. Also, the multi-purpose room can be used as a clubhouse where the individuals can spend their free time drinking some bottles of beer. The room is wide enough to accommodate more than 200 people. Hence, one can invite more than 200 people to his or her event to be held in the function room.

The kids at the Sea Residences get the chance of maintaining their natural fit due to the presence of the children’s play area. The playing area is wide enough to carry out different games such as football, tennis and much more. At the game area, there are also some playing ground equipment such as the swings, merry go round, slides, climbers, crawl tubes, nets, and much more. All the available playing materials make the kids get a feeling of vacation each day. All the equipment is well monitored and maintained by the project management team. Living at the Sea Residences improves the lifestyle as well as the physical fit of your child. Stop searching for other places! Buy one of the condo units at this beautiful apartment and offer your kid(s) the kind of lifestyle that they always wish to have.

Ever wished to train your child the different swimming styles? The Sea Residences offers you the chance to teach your kid how to swim at any time of the day. The Sea Residences has a kiddie or toddler pool. The pool is properly maintained to take care of the kid’s health. All the children at the apartment get to enjoy spending time at the available kiddie pool as they socialize with other kids from different cultures. At the pool, your kid could develop great swimming skills and might become one of the well-recognized swimmers in future. The kiddie pool is wide enough to accommodate more than twenty children at a go.

Not only the kids get the chance of enjoying swimming, but also the adults. Sea Residences consist of an Olympic size lap pool. The adults’ swimming pool is also well maintained by the project management team. Swimming is one of the greatest method body therapy since all of our body muscles are involved during the swimming act. Also, at the swimming pool, one can just relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding or just spend time in the pool bonding with your loved ones.

Facilities and Services
  • Chambermaid Services (Maintenance and Housekeeping)
  • Vast Modern Australian Tropical Landscape Area
  • 70% of the Units have Balconies
  • Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System
  • Stand-by Generator for Common Areas and Select Residential Outlets
  • Natural Ventilation for Hallways
  • Sufficient Fire Exits
  • Environmental Feature of Rain Water Collection for Landscape Watering
  • Centralized Cistern Tank
  • Sewerage Treatment Tank

Ground Floor

  • Grand Entrance Lobby with Lounge Area
  • Four (4) Elevators each for Towers A and B
  • Three (3) Elevators each for Towers C, D, E and F
  • Commercial Areas
Events Area
  • Multi-purpose / Function Room
  • Pool Deck Area

Kids Area

  • Children's Play Area
  • Wet Play Area
  • Vast Garden Space
  • Toddler's Wading Pool
  • Kiddie Pool

Adult Area

  • 15-meter Lap Pool
  • 20-meter Lap Pool
  • 25-meter Lap Pool
  • Modern Tropical Garden
  • Provision for Spa and Gym
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